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Institute of Laparoscopic Surgery

Leparoscopic Surgery Training

Pre and Post Surgery Instructions

Pre Surgery Instructions

Preparing for the surgery

  • A battery of vital tests is required before the surgery to ensure you are fit to undergo the surgical procedure
  • It is important to avoid certain medicines (aspirin and all aspirin containing medicines) for a minimum of 5 days prior to the surgery
  • Strict restriction of alcohol and tobacco is advised as it can increase the possibility of anesthetic complications and gastric irritation.


On the day of surgery

  • One day prior to surgery, the patient is usually kept NPO after midnight
  • Special instructions for bowel preparation need to be followed to ensure an empty stomach at the start of the procedure to avoid the risk of aspiration.


Post-Surgery Instructions
  • After the bariatric procedure the patient is kept under observation in the Surgical recovery overnight.
  • Patient is usually sleepy after the operation due to the sedation given by the bariatric surgeons during anesthesia and during the healing period.
  • Patient may feel some uneasiness when coming out of the effect of the sedation. Discomfort gradually decreases to a bearable level within a few minutes without any anesthetic injections.
  • Patient must try to move limbs after the surgery. Patient is then mobilized on the same day of the surgery. The catheter will be removed on the day following the surgery and patient can use the washroom.
  • Physical activities are not restricted. Patient can start walking as soon as he/she are shifted to their room. Patient can climb stairs. However, he/she should prevent from lifting heavy weight for 4-6 weeks following surgery.
  • Patient is discharged when his oral intake of fluids reaches 1.5 - 2 liters per day. The dietary instructions are explained in detail by our bariatric dietitian