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How is GERD Treated?

Depending on the symptoms and diagnosis, the doctor may advise one of the three options for correction of GERD:


  • Lifestyle modifications

    Mostly dietary interventions and certain changes in lifestyle help in relieving GERD symptoms. It is advised to take low fat foods in smaller portion sizes, avoiding large and spicy meals especially before sleeping, maintain a gap of 2-3 hours between eating and lying down.


    Smoking and alcohol add to GERD symptoms and hence should be avoided. Caffeine, chocolates, carbonated beverages and peppermints are some of the other aggravating agents. Doctors advise sleeping with the head elevated about 6 inches from the bed and wearing loose fitting clothes to prevent GERD attacks.


  • Medical Management

    The most commonly used medications are proton-pump inhibitors. Hydrogen receptor blockers and antacids also benefit patients suffering from GERD. However, it is important to note that medicines only relieve symptoms as long as a patient continues to take them.