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What is Appendicitis?

Located at the junction of small and large intestine, appendix is a hollow tube like structure, the function of which remains unknown.


appendicitis Appendicitis is the inflammation or infection of the appendix that results is severe pain in the lower right abdomen. 80% of the acute appendicitis cases are caused due to obstruction of lumen of appendix. The obstruction may be due hard fecal matter, worms if present in the intestine and rarely a foreign body like seeds.


What are the symptoms?

A patient with appendicitis presents with severe pain around the navel area which shifts to the lower right abdomen in a few hours. Nausea and vomiting accompany the pain. It has been noted that coughing and straining increases the pain.



Acute appendicitis can be diagnosed by the clinical signs and symptoms of the patient. A raised blood count and an abdominal ultrasound confirm the diagnosis. Acute appendicitis is a medical emergency and requires surgery. Any delay may lead to gangrene and rupture of appendix causing generalized abdominal infection, intra abdominal abscess and septicaemia (generalized, severe infection in the blood), all of which may lead to life threatening consequences.