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Institute of Laparoscopic Surgery

Leparoscopic Surgery Training

Appendicitis Surgery

Appendectomy or surgical removal of the appendix, is the only treatment for acute appendicitis. This can be done by an open technique or laparoscopically. In the laparoscopic technique, three
tiny incisions are made in the abdomen through which the surgeon inserts telescope and instruments and removes the appendix.
Laparoscopic Appendectomy
Why Laparoscopic over open surgery?

The laparoscopic being a minimally invasive approach has various advantages over the open technique. The patient experiences less post-operative pain, recovers faster and has excellent cosmetic results. An added advantage is that laparoscopically, the surgeon can examine the entire abdomen and pelvis through the camera to rule out any other pathology.


Life without an appendix

Surgical removal of the appendix causes no observable health problems as it has no known function in the human body.