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Institute of Laparoscopic Surgery

Leparoscopic Surgery Training

Pre and Post Surgery Instructions

Pre Surgery Instructions

Preparing for the surgery

  • Some pre operative investigations are required before the surgery to ensure you are fit to undergo the surgical procedure
  • It is important to avoid certain medicines (aspirin and all aspirin containing medicines) for a minimum of 5 days prior to the surgery


On the day of the surgery

  • One day prior to surgery, the patient is usually kept NPO(nothing to be taken orally except medicines prescribed) after midnight
Post Surgery Instructions
  • After the surgery, the patient is shifted to the recovery room under the care and supervision of the Anaesthesia team. The patient is observed for 2-4 hours and then shifted to the room in the ward on consent by the anesthetist.
  • Oral liquids are started with sips of water with gradual progression to drinking all liquids on the same day of the surgery.
  • The patient is encouraged to sit up, move around and visit the toilet on his own on the same day of the surgery.
  • The patient is given a normal breakfast the next morning and generally discharged after the surgeon's consent.
  • The first follow up is usually scheduled after 1 week when the dressings are removed. Patient should avoid wetting the dressings unless they are waterproof. After the removal of dressing, patient can have normal bath with soap and water.
  • The patient shall be given a 24*7 Doctor’s helpline number to enquire about any of their surgery related concerns.


Can the surgery be performed as a Day care procedure?

The surgery may be performed as a day care procedure in young and selective patients. The patient is called in a fasting state early morning and moved to the operation theatre. Post the surgery, the patient is observed for 4-6 hours in the day care facility. The patient is normally discharged the same afternoon. However, if need arises, he/she could be admitted overnight as well.


Life without a Gallbladder

Fortunately, gallbladder is an organ people can live without. On its removal, bile juice flows from the liver through the hepatic ducts into the CBD and goes directly into the small intestine.