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Anorectal Conditions

Anorectal conditions are one of the most common, distressing, embarrassing and bothersome problems. They refer to the problems associated with the anus and the rectum. Patients usually delay seeking medical care for a very long time due to embarrassment which only aggravates the problem. Early diagnosis works best for these conditions and spares a lot of distress. The most common anorectal conditions are Anal fistula, Piles, Fissures and Prolapse.


About nearly fifteen years back, the Ayushman team’s involvement with diseases of the anorectum or anal canal lead to the introduction of an endoscopic treatment for a condition known as fistula in ano/ anal fistulas or ‘bhagandar’ as known in Hindi. This procedure, now gaining popularity world over, began in Italy, with our centre being the second to gain knowledge and surgical expertise in it. Hemorrhoids or piles are also seen often in women, especially so during pregnancy, as the expanding uterus exerts pressure on the rectum (terminal portion of the bowel) causing blood vessels in this area to swell up. They often suffer constipation resulting in trauma and fissures to develop, a very painful condition which may require surgery for relief. The same condition is also seen in young girls resorting to dieting for weight loss which often leads to constipation and fissures.


The Video-assisted Anal Fistula treatment (VAAFT) in India is described as MinimaIly-invasive Anal Fistula Treatment. MAFT(VAAFT) is a major breakthrough treatment option for complex fistulas and their recurrences.


Minimally invasive treatment option has proved to be remarkably superior to the open surgeries for almost all ailments requiring surgery however, it is perhaps the most beneficial when it comes to the surgery of anorectal conditions. Owing to the site of the surgery, it is crucial that the healing time, post operative recovery and pain is dramatically less and minimally invasive surgery option helped us achieve that.


This page describes in detail:

  • Anorectal Conditions (What are they and treatment options)
  • Anal Fistula
  • Piles
  • Fissures
  • Prolapse
  • Pre and Post Surgery Instructions